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June 11, 2009

Keep Sharp.  Ruining a Dull Mind.

I have been out of school for a few months now.  Graduated from University, completed the internship, was hired by the internship, and am yet running out of money.  Oh the life of a new graduate.  At least I have a job, right?  I spent my first month watching Criminal Minds and various other shows on TV.  A great way to spend your time, don’t you agree?  Which brings me to why I am here.

I actually have time to blog now that school is out!  Not that I particularly want to blog, but I need to read and write to keep my mind sharp, especially if I am planning on going to graduate school.  Which I am.  And of what great purpose is writing  if no one is going to read it (unless it is introspective/reflective writing)?  I prefer to share the thing I learn and the stories I am allowed to share from my work (HIPAA hates fun).

For now, that is all I needed to say.  I will hopefully be writing about many topics that will titillate your brain: the book club my buddies and I formed (currently reading Origins of Virtue by Matt Ridley), biking, bike mechanics, food and cooking, working with the mentally ill, clinical psychology, the various psychological topics I find interesting, and the random fun and/or sciency thing that tickles my fancy.  Finally, I have recently discovered (or at least cared about) my profound lack of historical (and political) knowledge for anything outside of the fertile crescent post 1 A.D.  I would like to render that and hopefully others can correct and inform me as well via this forum.


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