Raw Fish and Fat

August 7, 2009

Another one of those meals my friends might be freaked out about.  I made ceviche!  I stopped over at Coastal Seafoods for my fish and picked up two large scallops, four monster shrimp, and a third of a pound of sea bass.  I asked the totally suave and hip dude behind the counter, “how often d’you guys get your fish order?”  After a piss-pore attempt to stiffle his scoff he said “Everyday.”  Apparently, I should have assumed as much.


I came home and peeled my shrimp of their shells, butterflied them, and removed that thread of a vein down their spines.  Then I sliced the scallops thinner because I was not sure that the lime would penetrate the whole crustacean and “cook” it all.  The sea bass I tried to slice on the diagonal like a sushi chef, but dull knives are quite the hindrence.  All of this went in a bowl with some red onion ribbons and diced jalapeno.  I poured lime over the top and let it cook in the fridge for a couple hours.

The plating was not as pretty as I imagined, but the fish and crustaceans had turned that creamy white color that told me they were done.  We dug in a little before I remembered the picture taking.  My guests always get a kick out of this and poke fun.  Sadly, the texture disconcerted me a bit and I was a bit scared of the food, but I ate anyway trusting my chefery and . . . I am still well!  No sickness.  Thanks be to citric acid!

The Minneapolis Farmer’s Market proudly displays its banner of “The Largest Open Air Market in the Upper Midwest.”  I frequently spend mornings there just browsing.  Sometimes I talk with a vendor about a product after eating one of the “child’s” hot dogs only to find out 5 minutes later I have a glob of mustard sitting on my whiskers above my upper lip.  There is just something so awesome about going to an open market and scarfing street food down your gullet.  But I digress.

Leeks in Cream and salt and pepper

Leeks in Cream and salt and pepper

I got 6 leeks with some the most intense flavor I have had from leeks a short while ago for only $2.  A steal, I say!  I chopped their tops, sliced their bottoms, and flayed their insides (cut them in half, lengthwise).  After cramming them into a baking dish I sprinkled some kosher salt and cracked some pepper over them.  Now for the disgustingly delicious part: I poured 1.5 cups of heavy whipping cream over them.  Shutting them in the oven for 40 minutes at 375°F makes them come out tender and lovable.  So simple and so fricken delicious.


One Response to “Raw Fish and Fat”

  1. keepsharp said

    Dean of Alchemy Family Farm (http://www.alchemyfamilyfarm.org/default.html) had this to say: “Looks good, one bit of critique however. Ceviche in the classical form is chopped much smaller, uniform with the fish, the vegetables, and additional ingredients. This allows all the raw seafood to be coated with the acid from the citrus and (cook) evenly. I would suggest this in future offerings. It really is beautiful with all the ingredients being uniform, and much safer my brother. I am glad you are a cook!”

    Thanks for the advise!

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