Dear Congresswoman Bachmann

February 11, 2012

Your “counseling” center in my hometown of Stillwater continues to teach the antiquated idea that homosexuality is sinful and an illness. Religion and science are time dependent, changing based on culture and era. Choose to or not, but know your branch of
Christianity is not the Christianity that was practiced 2000 years ago. Nor should it be. Religion changes to apply to the people and culture it currently serves in order to stay alive.

You choose to ignore that human experience is not limited by your conservative Christian values. Your willed ignorance disgraces the rational intelligent individuals in your district who know gays deserve every bit of respect that any other human experience deserves. Any “love the sinner, hate the sin” attitude is pretense for hate and cannot be legitimized by someone who feels love in abundance.

Nine of my thirteen immediate family live in your district. I will live near them when I have a child. It is probable that one of these children will be gay. Whether or not an environment of hate and ignorance persists, my children, nieces and nephews will love who
they choose and will be loved for their choice. Should such an environment continue, those closest to me will receive a proportionate amount of love and acceptance greater from my family. Your ideals will not determine my family’s happiness. Love is good and powerful and cannot be made an evil. Shame on you.


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