Megan and I tilled our soil in our garden and seeds are growing in the sunroom of our apartment.  The frost subsided and the soil black, we are ready to grow some savory herbs, sweet vegetables, and spicy bulbs.  The fantastic part of this: already I have made a meal with spoils from our garden and our kale survived the winter and is nearly ready to pick and sauté.

Planned for the garden we have sugar baby watermelon, butternut squash, beans, carrots, beets, onions, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, tomatillos, blondkopfchen “little blonde girl” tomatoes, and poblano peppers.  Planted already and staying put are mint, chives, sorrel, oregano, rhubarb, some pain in the ass bush I can’t remove, parsley and lavender.  We’ll probably throw a lettuce in where it fits.  The layout is something Megan will plan, with some guidance on sun directionality from the brains of the project.

The next project I am determined to tackle this summer is a Petite Saison.  A saison in the traditional style, fermented hot, estery and malty, and balanced with some grassy hops.  My first attempt was a fail and produced by first blown bottle.  Somehow it became far too carbonated and resulted in one bottle looking like the entrails of a bar fight.

Finally, after reading a post from my brother-in-law’s blog, the craving hit and I had to make some cinnamon rolls.  Haven’t had the chance to grub down on these sweet morsels, but if they are anything resembling my mother’s, they will pass my test.  The meal tonight was some herb polenta with smoked mozarella.  The herbs were fresh from the garden and the accompanying Cherokee purple tomatoes was a nice premonition of the fall.  Polenta is a staple in this kitchen.  Cheap, main course or side dish, extremely versatile in flavor profile, and creamy.  It replaces boxed macaroni and cheese for us ( . . . sort of).  They better be good.  Don’t have much time for breakfast tomorrow.